Maintenance of pre-pressing machine
Maintenance of pre-pressing machine

一、Daily check:
1. Wipe the dust and sundries on the transmission roller before working.
2. Check whether the parallelism and gap between the up roller and down roller are consistent with the meter reading before working
3. Check whether the high temperature lines in the furnace fall off, whether the heating elements are damaged, whether the temperature control elements are safety and the reading is correct.
4. Check the tightness of chain, adjust suitable tightness.
二、Regular checking:
1. Check the wear and oiling situation of all the transmission gear, chain gear and link chain. Once/two months
2. Check the wear and lubrication situation of inclined block, screw, nut and bearing. Twice/three months
3. Check whether each fastener is loose. Once/three months
4. Check the gear meshing clearance, adjust the appropriate clearance. Once/three months
5. Check the cooling oiling situation of main driving reducer and lifting reducer. Once/three months
6. Check wear on the surface of transmission roller. Once/three months
7. Check whether there is any crack on the head of large pressure roller and rubber. Once/three months
三、Lubrication of machines:
In order to prevent moving parts from over wear and rusting, the machine must be lubricated regularly. Must prevent the lubrication enter into the washing section which playa a key role about glasses products cleanliness.
1. All lubrication points of machines:
1.1 All of the gears, chain gears, link chains and bearings
1.2 All of the inclined blocks, screws and nuts
1.3 All of the reducers