Maintenance of Mechanical glass loading table
Maintenance of Mechanical glass loading table

一、Daily check
1. Wipe the dust and sundries on the transmission roller before working.
2. Check whether the parallelism and gap between the up roller and down roller are consistent with the meter reading before working.
3. Check whether the high temperature line is loss or not, whether the heating elements are damaged or not, whether the temperature control elements are safety or not before working.
4. Check the tightness of chain, adjust suitable tightness.
二、Regular checking:
1. Check the wear and oiling situation of all the transmission gear, chain gear and link chain. Once/two months
2. Check the wear and lubrication situation of inclined block, screw, nut and bearing. Twice/three months
3. Check whether each fastener is loose. Once/three months
4. Check the gear meshing clearance, adjust the appropriate clearance. Once/three months
5. Check the cooling oiling situation of main driving reducer and lifting reducer. Once/three months
6. Check wear on the surface of transmission roller. Once/three months
7. Check whether there is any crack on the head of large pressure roller and rubber. Once/three months
三、Lubrication of machines:
1. All lubrication points of machines:
1.1 All of the gears, chain gears, link chains and bearings
1.2 All of the inclined blocks, screws and nuts
1.3 All of the reducers
2. Lubrication method:
2.1 Use the grease gun to inject No. 1 general lithium grease into all pillow block bearings.
2.2 Wipe No. 1 general lithium grease on all gears, inclined blocks, screws and nuts.
2.3 Use cloth and cleaning fluid to wipe the grease on the surface. (Wash your hands)
2.4 Use cloth and cleaning fluid to wipe the grease on the surface after the machines running one hour.
2.5 Power on and spray sol type chain lubricant on driving chain and chain wheel.
2.6 Use cloth and cleaning fluid to wipe extra lubricant.
2.7 Replace gear oil in the reducer.