Maintenance of Glass washing & drying machine
Maintenance of Glass washing & drying machine

一、Cleaning of glass washing machine
Instruction: the machine will be polluted by glass and environment at any time when running. When the pollution reach to a certain degree, the machine must be cleaned otherwise the machine will not be used normally. The maintenance should be made after breaking the power.
1. Only the trained or experienced person can operate the machine.
2. Must observe all general safety matters
3. Please do not clean and maintain the drying section of washing machine when running.
4. Transfer rollers are strictly forbidden to contact any acidic liquid
5. When using any chemicals, must observe manufacturer about safety using rules.
二. Lubrication of machine
Introduction: in order to prevent moving parts from over wear and rusting, the machine must lubricant regularly. The lubrication pollution on the washing machine is hard to remove. Must prevent the lubrication enter into the washing section which playa a key role about glasses products cleanliness.
三、All lubrication points of machine
1. All of the gears, chain gears, link chains and bearings
2. All of the inclined blocks, screws and nuts
3. Roller belt, round bearings
4. Main driving reducer
5. Lifting reducer