Maintenance of lay-up section
Maintenance of lay-up section
一、Daily check:
1 Wipe transmission plastic roller and protective cover before working
2 Check whether the Scissor-type Walking Suction Cups is running normally before working
3 Check whether the transmission plastic roller is running normally before working
4 Check whether the PVB film paver is turning flexibly before working
二、regular checking:
1 Check the wear and oiling situation of all the transmission gear, chain gear and link chain. Once/two months
2 Check the wear and lubrication situation of bearings. Twice/three months
3 Check whether each fastener is loose. Once/three months
4 Check the tightness degree of chain, tighten reasonably. Once/three months
5 Check lubrication in the reducer. Once/three months
6 Check the wear of plastic roller wheel. Once/three months
三、Lubrication of machines
In order to prevent moving parts from over wear and rusting, the machine must be lubricated regularly. Must prevent the lubrication enter into the washing section which playa a key role about glasses products cleanliness.
四、All lubrication points of machine
1 All of the chain gears, link chains and bearings
2 All of the reducer
3 The recommended lubricants
3.1No. 1 general lithium grease
3.2 Aerosol type chain lubricants (motor vehicles)
3.3 No. 403, synthetic gear oil